What is WAVES?

WAVES is a movement of young people making a difference by tackling issues big and small. If you think something in our world needs changed, you'll fit right in! We find issues around us that break our heart, but we do not stop there. We take action and do something about it because that is what Jesus calls us to do.

WAVE groups are led by you! You decide how to tackle issues, how to run projects, how to build plans—everything—you run it all. 


How do we use this app?

  • START: You're already here! This will help you understand WAVES IN ACTION and help you start your WAVE.
  • HANDBOOK: The HANDBOOK is the backbone of WAVES. Read through the handbook to get an idea of what a WAVE can do.
  • ISSUES: We listed a few world issues to start you off with some ideas. 
  • MY WAVE: This allows you to tell us what ISSUE your WAVE is tackling. Tell us how you are going to make a difference!
  • CHAT: You can talk to other WAVES members all around the world.
  • MAP: You can see WAVE groups all around the world.
  • SHARE VIDEOS: Send us a VIDEO or PICTURE about how you're making a difference.
  • WAVES VIDEOS: See the videos that you and others have filmed telling us about how your WAVE is making a difference.

What do we need?

  • PASSION: You want to help make the world a better place to live.
  • ISSUES: You know of problems and people that need some help.
  • FRIENDS: You have friends who want to make a difference, too.
  • FAITH: We believe that God's love flowing through us makes WAVES.

How do we start?

  • HANDBOOK: Read through the handbook to get and idea of what a WAVE can do.
  • JOIN: Be a part of WAVES IN ACTION. 
  • ISSUES: Grab some friends who are also ready to make a difference, and choose the ISSUES you want to tackle. 
  • MY WAVE: Let us know what your WAVE is doing.

Check out this short video to help you get started.