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Our WAVES are looking at the 21 major issues around them that are threatening people throughout the world.


At the end of the day, WAVES is all about action. Scroll down and find an issue that breaks your heart. You can see examples of how other WAVES are tackling that same issue,Or, learn more about the issue, and see stories about how these issues are being tackled.

  • “I am writing a book...” - Jennifer
  • “I plan on spreading kindness to..." - Emma
  • "I run an anti-bullying club..." -Kari
  • “I will take care of kids as much as I can.” - Jack
  • Raise money or help by babysitting.
  • Help provide a service to single mothers.
  • "Friends and I are going to raise money.” - Sarah
  • Start a fundraiser for water wells overseas.
  • Buy and give away reusable water bottles.

  • Mentor and be a positive roll model to students.
  • Work with local agency to provide resources.
  • Be a friend to juvenile kids.
  • "Throw block parties for children in the community...” - Cara
  • “Reach out to those who look or feel different.       I want to start a chain reaction.” - Chloe
  • “Leading other students to become aware..." - Hailey
  • “I am mentoring a freshman in high school tonight to help with school and their individual walk with Jesus Christ...” - Caleb
  • "I am going to try and organize a bible study for the kids around my campus and spread the word of God." - Ivie
  • "I want to be a Christian teacher...” - Amanda

  • Print job openings and hang them around town.
  • Help people with job hunting.
  • Find any side jobs they could offer to someone who is job searching.
  • Volunteer at a local hospital.
  • Visit an elderly nursing home monthly.
  • Raising money to help people pay medical bills.
  • Sponsor a child who has been affected by HIV or aids (compassion international, hope chest, one child matters).
  • Create an HIV Awareness Campaign to educate people about HIV/AIDS.
  • Raise money for those effected by HIV/Aids by doing some service projects around town.


  • Our Waves group has come together tonight to create care packages...” - Nicole 
  • Create a program to provide...” - Nathan
  • “I will kindly buy them a meal...” - Kaela
  • "On Christmas Eve morning, we go and spend 3-5 hours giving those in need a sack lunch...” - Aunika
  • “I plan on tackling hunger by making a bunch of sandwiches... and take them to a local homeless community...” - Brittany
  • “By planting a community garden...” - Matthew
  • Financially support nurses/doctors who are oversees treating malaria.
  • Create funds to buy nets to help prevent Malaria.
  • Raise funds to send treatments overseas

  • Raise money to donate to originations like Samaritan’s Purse who help refugees.
  • Help out these groups by doing a mission trip.
  • Sometimes prayer is a great option.
  • “We prayed for one homeless person to talk with and God gave us TWO!” - Caleb
  • “I asked all of my friends to give food items, blankets, and clothes away..." - Kyra
  • Look around your town and see what community events could fix this.
  • Hi, pals! I am helping co-lead a small group of teens weekly." - Linzee 
  • Start a Waves group while using a few hours a week to have teens and young adults meet...”        - Nicole
  • “We plan on tackling this issue by creating an after school place that...” - Diona 

  • “I began visiting local jails and talking with people about substance abuse...” - Jeannie
  • Preparing young people in Liberia to discuss and tackle substance abuse problem in Liberia...” - Wuo
  • “I'm currently in college working on my associates degree to become a substance abuse counselor...” - Kare
  • “I am going to combat suicide on my college campus by starting a Bible study surrounding identity in Christ...” - Sydney
  • “I plan to tackle this issue by using my own experience with suicide...” - Sadie
  • “I'm starting a support group...” - Kaela-
  • We are starting pro-life groups at our school and working toward more programs...” - Maria
  • “Volunteering at our local pregnancy resource center, raising awareness, etc.” - Alexa
  • Raise money to buy necessary items to give to a pregnant teen in your school.

  • I plan to give away my 18th birthday to raise money to give to an organization that works to abolish slavery...” - Hope
  • I am helping tackle this issue by donating to the Zion Project. They help people in human trafficking learn about God.” - Rachel
  • Learn how modern slavery exists today. Create a club at school to raise awareness and initiate action.
  • Provide ways for the youth in your community to have positive ways to spend their time. (organized recreation, tutoring)
  • Encourage youth and peers in community to participate in positive extracurricular activities.
  • Create a better community atmosphere. 
  • Self-image
  • Abortion
  • Autism
  • Etc.