A story that started with friendship.


We invite you to join the campaign. If you’re a young person, adult mentor, ministry organisation, local congregation, or any kind of institution in between, WAVES will work for you, too. Start today and connect to a generation who is boldly making this commitment:


“Trusting Jesus Christ for strength, I promise to put my faith in action, to share his story with my generation, and to make WAVES that transform our world for his cause.”


It’s amazing how God always connects people with shared passion to accomplish His purpose. And that’s exactly what happened a few years ago when the directors of two like-minded ministries met during a youth worker training event in Dublin, Ireland. After only hours of conversation, a friendship was formed and an idea was birthed that would slowly become a reality called, WAVES.

It was a natural fit between the two organisations. Endeavor Ministries (formerly Christian Endeavor International) has been serving Christ and the Church since 1881. Their mandate has always been to activate youth in ministry. For well-over a century, they have assisted churches in training millions of young leaders. The Surf Project has an identical mission with a very unique approach. They offer specially designed events that include activities, workshops, and surf sessions to help young people discover and experience what it really means to live life to the full (John 10:10).

Together, these organisations assembled an international team of youth in their teens and early twenties and gave them a clear objective and mission: To create a platform that unleashes a global generation of young people growing in Christ, sharing their faith, and taking action to transform their world in Jesus’ name. After nearly three years of prayer and hard work, the first WAVES groups were formed, tested, and validated.

Mirroring Jesus’ model of producing youth in ministry exceeded the hopes and dreams of both ministries who were simply seeking a way forward for youth work in the global Church. What God began in the hearts of two average servants has birthed a movement of youth, by youth, and for youth. From urban centres to rural and remote communities across the world, young people are following Jesus and making WAVES.

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